Will ANC survive the upcoming election?


Uncertainty awaits as we approach the local elections, And the question lies, will the ANC be able to regain lost support this coming Monday?

Back in 2016 the ANC lost support which resulted in the party falling (at 49% from 57.5% in 2019)

The last local government election in 2016 ensured that the ANC lost control and its grip on power in 3 major metros, Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Nelson Mandela Bay, forcing the party to co-govern through a coalition in Ekurhuleni and a co-operation agreement between the DA and EFF.

The DA that time managed to capture a few of the top municipalities that were previously run by the ANC, However, some think the DA only won because people were fed up with the ANC and its corruptive leaders but ether way that led to many voters not voting at all, and those voting, voting for the opposition party instead

With ANC failing to deliver basic services to South Africans, such as Electricity, water, sanitation, housing, and creating employment over the past years, their loss reflects disenchantment with the lack of progress they have made in the life of ordinary black South Africans in the past years, people are tired the of incompetence, the corruption, the greediness, and nepotism of the ANC and now they want change

Although some believe unseating the African National Congress would require a remarkable political performance from the country’s official opposition parties since the ANC is captured by the elite/middle-class sections of blacks, some believe the party can be replaced and that losing their metros in 2016 was just the beginning of their loss

However, the ANC has since asked for “another chance”, to rectify the mistakes they have made in the past years and their survival now lies in the hands of South Africans. Come Monday it will be evident if whether people have bought into their messaging of rectifying their past mistakes