Thousands of Voters turned away from voting stations


A substantial glitch in the system resulted in thousands of voters not being able to cast their votes. Many voters were turned back from the polls without voting today, after being told their names were not appearing on the voters roll, although they were confirmed to have registered during registration time.

Many voters expressed their disappointment with the way the IEC ran the elections as well as the service they received today, saying it was as though there was no preparation and that the officials seemed unprepared.

Not only were voters not at ease, but many politicians were also anxious over alleged IEC incompetence on Election Day. The Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen expressed his concerns with regards to the IEC. “There are huge problems around the country with the IEC today. The voter management devices have failed in large parts of SA”. He said

The ACDP’s ward candidate Cindy Sibuyi echoes Marais’ also expressed her concerns over the voters’ roll. “There seems to be a huge mix-up over addresses and actual voting station registrations. There were extremely long delays at this station due to people not being found on the roll.”

Many were left frustrated with the situation and said that they felt as though their right to vote was taken from them, IEC’s Tshepo Sefotlhelo said the commission was looking into the issue and will be briefing South Africans tonight.