Steenhuisen | Long queues played a huge role in disrupting the voting process


Many voters complained that things did not run as smoothly as they had hoped for, as long queues at voting stations got the better of them.

Voters in South Africa faced long hour’s ques on Monday as people flocked to the polls for the first day of voting to cast their vote in the Local Government Elections (LGE) 2021, Although, some of the Eager voters endured long hour’s ques, some couldn’t take it further, the waiting was just too much for them, and hence some decided to leave the ques without casting their vote.

Most first-time voters complained about how they thought the process was just an easy and a quick one but to their surprise it wasn’t as they had expected, and that the hours waiting made them lose interest. “The ques were quite long, and the officials were very slow “one voter stated

The Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen said long queues were disrupting the voting process. “The voter management devices have failed in large parts of SA. We currently have a complaint in with IEC over 150 voting stations, where the voter management device has failed, and it is causing long queues and disrupting the voting process, “he said

Steenhuisen said the DA has asked the IEC to revert to the manual system as the new system was delaying the process, adding that the IEC’s incompetence and inefficiency should not stop anyone from casting their vote

“We have made a passion-plea to the IEC to switch over to manual system to able to get those queues out of the way because a lot of people are leaving not wanting to cast their vote. He added

“Don’t let the IEC’s incompetence and inefficiency deter you from voting. Stay in those queues make sure votes are counted make sure they’re counted. Please hold the line don’t let this democracy get stolen.” he concluded