Samwu has been accused of fighting ANC battles


Tshwane mayor Randall Williams has accused the SA Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) of using the protests to demand the implementation of wage increment to fight the ANC battles in the run-up to next week’s municipal elections.

In a radio interview, Williams said that the labour action was unlawful and suggested the union wanted to throw service delivery chaos before the polls to make the present administration look bad by sabotaging the work of the city.

However, Samwu regional secretary Mpho Tladinyane rubbished the suggestions by Williams that Samwu was doing the ANC’s political bidding.

“We have proven all along that we don’t fight political battles. The fiercest battle that we fought was against administrators, who were perceived to be ANC people. For him to think that we are pushing a political agenda is unthinkable,” Tladinyane said.

Tladinyane also denied claims that workers were on strike.

“So we were never on strike. All this thing that the employer is saying about us being on strike is not true, we dispute the fact that workers were on strike, we had a meeting to respond as agreed with the employer on Thursday,” he said

Tladinyane also added that the city responded on Friday, however, workers were still unhappy.

“We had discussions with the employer last week and on Friday we received the response, which we from our discussion with members and the shop stewards we were not happy with that particular response”.

Tladinyane said the City and the union signed a collective agreement on benchmarking in which there was a clause known as 9.5, which stated that all employees on top-notch would be paid an annual payment in place of satisfactory performance, However, The City has since applied to the bargaining council to remove clause 9.5.

Tladinyane added that the workers were not happy with the fact that the City had not communicated with them on when it would implement the 3.5% salary increment, backdated to July.

“The current administration must ensure that all the commitments that they have made with regard to the collective agreement must be honoured before the 1st of November,” he said in conclusion,

Tladinyane said although administrators went to obtain a court order, the workers will go ahead making their demands, declaring there is nothing that will stop them from demanding their money from the City.