President Employment Stimulus Government to introduce Social Employment Fund as second phase


The office of the presidency of the Republic of South Africa released a letter from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s desk announcing the establishment of the Social Employment Fund as part of phase two (2) of the Presidential Employment Stimulus on Monday, 18 October 2021.

“As part of phase two, we are establishing a Social Employment Fund that will support work for the common good led by community organisations in areas as diverse as urban agriculture, public art, informal settlement upgrading and community safety,” wrote President Ramaphosa. “In the midst of the severe economic setback caused by the corona virus pandemic, public and social employment has provided an important stimulus to job creation. This is the implementation of our commitment that the state should actively support employment while the labour market recovers,” he added.

The president announced that through the Presidential Employment Stimulus, young people have been brought into the labour force in unprecedented numbers in a short space of time with young people making up 84% of the participants in phase one of the employment stimulus mostly aged under 35 years and two-thirds of the participants being women. The president further indicated that government is expecting this number to increase.

“In phase two we expect this number to be even higher, as the stimulus will provide almost R1 Billion in funding for the presidential Youth Employment Intervention. As part of the intervention, several young people will be recruited into a revitalised National Youth Service. Young people will receive training in digital skills and youth-owned enterprises will receive support to expand and hire.

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