NSFAS Applications still open | Prospective students urged to apply


National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) applications are still open, urging the general public who plans to further their studies in public universities and FET colleges to apply for this state funding opp0rtunity. It is reported that millions of prospective students have already submitted their applications.

The new improved and simplified NSFAS applications portal makes it easier for applicants to apply with no complications of submitting dozens of documents as it only requires your personal information and ID document to be uploaded.

Application deadline is set for 07 January 2022, giving applicants enough time to ensure they apply to further their studies in the upcoming year. The aim of this funding is to assist students who are from poor backgrounds to fund their studies and also receive a stipend to buy meals and study materials.

Students from families that earn less than R350 000 per annum qualify for this opportunity, making it accessible for SASSA beneficiaries and the poor in general. Up to this point NSFAS has funded studies of millions of South African graduates, some of which went on to make a better living for themselve.