Michael Jordan net worth more than Mamelodi Sundowns, Pirates and Amakhosi Combined

Michael Jordan

Mamelodi Sundowns, Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs are three of the most  famous and rich soccer teams in South Africa and Africa at large but their net worth doesn’t come closer to one of the world famous National Basket Ball legend Michael Jordan.

Micheal Jordan (58) is world known and recognised as one of the best all time basket ball stars to ever grace the basket ball court, having enjoyed success with Chicago Bulls  in the 1980s ansd winning 6 National Basket Ball championships with the team.

As reported Michael Jordan during his playing days with Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards earned over R1 355 300 963,94 much less compared to R24 643 152 000,00 he has earned from sponsorships with the likes of Nike, Hanes and Gatorade

His partnership with Nike that bears his name in particular air jordan has earned him over billion ponds in the past years. MJ also owns NBA team Charlotte Hornets and contributes most of his money to charity organizations. ITt is estimated that Jordan has an overall net worth of R24.6 Billion rands.

Meanwhile Mamelodi Sundows, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates Combined has a net worth of less than R50 million rands.

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