Mankweng | Land occupiers experience floods after warnings


Households flooded in Mankweng despite being warned by the municipality that the area they’re living on is for agricultural purposes. It is reported that the  Mamadimo and Moremadi Park in Mankweng, Limpopo has been affected by floods over the weekend.

It is believed that the municipality warned residents not to build on the area, the Polokwane Municipal Geo mappers urged redidents not to occupy the land , as it’s always wet and suitable for agricultural purposes only. Despite the warnings residents of Mankweng turned a blind eye and occupied the area by building their houses there, only to later pay a great price because of their ignorance.

The area is reportedly under electrical pylons, some residents has condemned these practices and emphasized that the whole situation was motivated by the EFF for residents to forcefully occupy the area despite the warnings and are currently seeking assistance.

A Facebook user by the name of Patrick Matseba wrote that “it serves them right they listen to Malema too much when he said they can build everywhere.”

Meanwhile Shaun Nhlayi Shiviri wrote that  “What is happening at Mankweng, Paledi Mall etc. Is a clear example of what it means to stop forcing to make stance/yards where it is not suitable because you see an empty place which has been there for years. People, not every bush you see is fit for residential purpose.

Certain areas are not rigid enough, if a well qualified individual tells you from Survey that an area is a high risk learn to listen. Because before any place you can reside, there has to be a survey put in place, and a plan must be constructed gore when it rains how and where will the water go. When that as been established then they see if fit that the area can be restrengthen again etc. It will be approved… Because most of us we force areas.”