Julius Malema threatens to sue Naledi Shange

Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) Leader Julius Malema went to cast his vote in his hometown in Seshego, Limpopo. But he was accused of turning up to the voting station in R2 000 Versace jeans. This has left many South Africans with questions which they could not answer, some argued that this undermines his message against capitalism and his anti-consumerist views.

However, Juju has challenged the journalist that wrote the story about him to provide a proof and he even threatened to sue her if she fails to do so. “You are lying, I challenge you to show the price tag, or I’m going to sue you,” said Malema responding to the allegations. He is certain that his part of the story will prevail, only if Naledi Shange fails to produce a proof.

Speaking after casting his vote, Malema thanked the youth of South Africa for coming in numbers because this had to do with them. He added that this is about the future and it has to do with infrastructure and service delivery in our own localities. “We are going to get 65% in the whole Polokwane and in the whole of South Africa,” said the Economic Freedom Fighters Leader, Julius Malema.