IEC | Bring Your Own Pen to Vote


Only a few hours left to the local municipal elections set to open the month of November on Monday from 07:00-21:00. To minimise the spread of Covid-19, the IEC is encouraging voters to bring their own pen if possible.

For the whole month of October, political parties, independent candidates, and various organisations have used it to campaign in hopes of winning over the trust of voters expected to cast their votes on the ballot paper in choosing the candidate they would like to see leading as candidates for their community.

For the past two days the IEC has been issuing and conducting special votes for old age and disabled voters of South Africa. Although the special votes were a success, threats to barricade and cause of disruption at the voting station during elections, were flying high. However South African Police Service Minister Bheki Cele has vowed safety upon IEC staff members who will be on the field, he mentioned the appointment of police officers stationed to protect the staff and voters.

Meanwhile in KZN, residents say they will not vote due to the dismissal of their Chief believed to be signed and approved by Sihle Zikalala. A meeting to discuss the dethrone decision between Zikalala and the community members was meant to take place earlier in the day but he did not make it to the meeting, with that leading to them coming to conclusion not to vote this Monday.

Police will be guarding and patrolling throughout the country to maintain safety and prevent disruption. In one of the municipalities claims were made by small parties along with the EFF on the ANC that they may have conducted an illegal role by attempting to steal the ballot papers of the special votes that took place this weekend as ANC members were seen inside the building. The municipal building has been shut down by the small parties and an investigation will be conducted to conclude on the claims.