Ga-Mohokone | Angry Residents Shut Down Seunane Secondary


Disgruntled residents of Ga-Mohokone village in Bolobedu forcefully closed down Seunane Secondary School. It is reported that on Tuesday morning 2 November 2021, residents of Ga-Mohokone village took to Seunane Secondary School seeking answers from the school’s Principal regarding the appointment of Educational Assistants and General Assistants at the school.

It is alleged that the school hired the previously appointed EA’s and GA’s instead of appointing new applicants, it is believed that some of the hired EA’s and GA’s are related to SGB members and the Principal, this has led the residents of Ga-Mohokone question the school’s management about these practices, as none of the people who applied online did not get shortlisted and weren’t given a chance to hand-in deliver their CV’s just like any other school, after the online system wasn’t functioning well.

The residents of Ga-Mohokone tried to reach out to the school’s management on Tuesday, and the conversation between them and the management didnt turn out fruitful , after management did not responding to the community members request, leading to the shutting down the school practiced by the disgruntled residents.

It is further believed that the school was shut down on Wednesday until Friday 5 November, and pupils of Seunane Secondary School have not been to school since then. Due to this unrest 5 women were arrested earlier today outside the school’s premises.