Eskom Expected To Give An Update On Energy Grid


Eskom is expected to give an update on the energy grid that has led to energy crises in the country. Eskom has brought frustration on many South Africans with recent multiple blackouts all day long Sunday to Sunday.

A lot of businesses have been negatively affected by the recent blackouts the country has been facing from Eskom. In previous years, similar issues of  electricity blackouts with load shedding level 4 have been seen taking place, which led to the removal of the then Eskom CEO, leaving the appointment open for Andre de Ruyter to take over.

Former President before stepping down, in his parliamentary address said that loadshedding will now be a thing of the past for South Africans but unfortunately, he was released of his duty before he could make that happen. Not so long ago before the elections, ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa while campaigning said he will solve the issue of loadshedding but post elections, things have gone rather from bad to worse.

The economic activity has down sloped due to the electricity crises happening.  Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe says this act of Eskom the cost of on-going blackouts in the country is unbearable to the economy.” Many businesses suffer a huge loss for not having generators to work, having power cuts happen twice a day during business hours has left a huge gap in their expected profit.

Business owners are calling for Eskom to be considerate of their businesses and the economy of South Africa, when they make hefty decisions to make such decisions that leads to no electricity for South African. Learners and schools are also complaining of the long hours of load shedding. Learners say they cannot study in the dark as its exam times and teachers say no child can write an exam in a dark hall and Eskom should keep in mind that schools are now working with technology which at the end of the day requires electricity.