City of Tshwane Municipality to target illegal connections

City of Tshwane

The City of Tshwane Municipality has issued a warning to Tshwane residents that they will be taking serious measures against the tempering of meters and will be conducting operations across the city in a media statement by City of Tshwane’s MMC for Utility services and Regional Operations and Coordination, Councillor Philip Nel, on Wednesday, 20 October 2021.

In the statement, City Of Tshwane announced that a multi disciplinary team, including the Energy and Electricity department, Group Financial Services, Tshwane Metro Police Department and the City’s legal team are setting up a “major programme” to target identified accounts and take action against those found illegally tampering with meters. “As part of the strategic plan, a recent investigation was concluded into the revenue being derived from prepaid electricity meters.

The objective was to identify meters that either were not vending at all (not buying electricity) or were in the “low buy” category, which is where consumers buy a much smaller amount of electricity units than estimated minimum usage would account for,” said Cllr Nel.

“The “low buy” category is particularly tricky as in some cases consumers genuinely are just buying very little electricity. However, In many other cases users have breached the meter and then buy a small number of units regularly to avoid falling into the “no buy” or “low buy” category,” added Cllr Nel.

City of Tshwane reiterated that they will not allow the theft of electricity to continue and the subsequent loss of the City revenue which is critical in maintaining sustainable service delivery.